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Memory Stick Duo and Duo Pro Flash cards are used in most Sony digital cameras and Sony-Ericsson mobile phones. We offer a large variety of Memory Stick (MS and Micro M2) cards including Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo and Memory Stick Micro (M2), from the two leading manufacturers of MS Duo Flash Cards; Sony and Sandisk. The MS Flash Cards and Memory Stick Duo chips vary in capacity from 512Mb up to 32GB. The most popular sizes are the 1GB and 2GB Memory Sticks.
Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick PRO Duo cards are smaller than the Secure Digital format. The majority of Memory Stick Duo and Micro M2 memory cards come with an adaptor, making them compatible with full-size Memory Stick devices such as video cameras and other electronic devices requiring portable media.
The latest type of Memory Stick is the Memory Stick Micro M2 card designed especially for the new generation of Sony-Ericsson phones. We currently stock Sony and SanDisk Memory Stick Micro M2 cards in a range of capacities from 512Mb, to 32GB.