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EyezOff EZYG-020 Portable Solar Charger Grey/Bright Green (410mAh panel) by EyezOff

EyezOff EZYG-020 Portable Solar Charger Grey/Bright Green (410mAh panel) Image

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Key Features

  • Solar charger with large 19cm 410mAh panel
  • Output voltage up to 5.3V
  • Great for charging smartphones and other small electronic devices
  • Bright green and grey design
  • Features suction cups, velcro stand and clips to get the best positioning in the sun
  • Includes 5 charging tips along with USB charging port
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Portable solar charger which is ideal for charging smartphones, MP3 players, satnavs and other electronic devices. With 19cm (diagonal) 410mAh panel and output voltage of 5.3V. Includes output tip for the most popular phones along with a USB charging port.

Great device for people with outdoor lifestyles such as hikers, cyclists. Sturdy and durable design in bright green and grey colours.

Features 4 suction cups to easily attach this solar panel on the inside of a window, for example in a car, boat or summerhouse. Can be easily attached to a backpack for charging while on the move. The charger also includes straps and stand for positioning the device in the most possible sunlight.

Package contains USB cable, and 5 universal charging plugs for various phones and other devices. Please refer to product photo for details on the plugs included.

A really nice feature on this product is the built-in USB port - this allows you to use your own USB charging cable from a smartphone, or any other electronic device - simply plug the USB cable into this solar charger, position the solar panel in sunlight - and your device will start charging.
FEATURES 5.3V/410mA panel, 19cm diagonally
5 charging plugs supplied
USB connection, allowing users to use own charging cables
WARRANTY 1 years limited warranty
User Reviews
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Iain Black
You need sunny days
September 30th 2013 Verified user
Interesting product. I got about 250mAh out of it on a sunny day. I would imagine to get the full 410mAh you'd need to be in a very hot, sunny place at midday. Once the clouds appeared the power output went down to about 20mAh!

My phone charger pumps out about 3 times the power I got from this (in the sun) so the phone would take 3 times longer to charge using this (assuming full sun all the time).

It comes in a very nice case with a good range of adaptors.

At home in Ireland it's an interesting curiosity (you'd need to charge your phone a hell of a lot to get back the costs of the panel vs the amount of electricity you'd normally use to charge) but I can see it being very handy when out and about on a sunny day especially if trekking or walking somewhere out of the way.
Review of EyezOff EZYG-020 Portable Solar Charger Grey/Bright Green (410mAh panel)
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