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JJC Memory Card Case for 4x microSD + 2x SD Cards - Red Edition - MCH-SDMSD6 by JJC

JJC Memory Card Case for 4x microSD + 2x SD Cards - Red Edition - MCH-SDMSD6 Image

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Key Features

  • Holds 4 microSD plus 2 full size SD cards - stylish red edition
  • Compact credit card design for portability
  • Includes numbered slots
  • Contains spaces for writing the names of your memory cards
  • Attaches to a key ring for easy accessibility
  • Fits in the credit card slot in your wallet
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  • Grey
  • Red

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If you’re are an avid camera user or simply enjoy taking photos, you’ll love the JJC Memory Card Case. JJC Memory Card Case is the size of a credit card and stores 4 microSD and 2 full-size SD cards. This reduces chances of losing precious moments with the loss of a microSD card and ensures your memory cards stay protected from dust and dirt particles.

While JJC Memory Card Case is a great way to protect your valuable data, it is also a wonderful method for staying organized. The credit card sized storage case includes numbered slots and space for writing the names of your microSD/SD cards, allowing you to easily identify the appropriate memory card for the tasks at hand.

Attach JJC Memory Card Case to your key ring for easy access and enjoy.

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.15 inches
WARRANTY 1 years replacement warranty
User Reviews
SAVE 17%
$ 5.86