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Garmin Leather Carrying Case for Nuvi 2xx/3xx (3.5" screen size) by Garmin

Garmin Leather Carrying Case for Nuvi 2xx/3xx (3.5

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Key Features

  • Garmin Nuvi
  • GPS Carrying Case
  • GPS System
  • For 3.5" screen size
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Garmin Leather Carrying case for the Garmin Nuvi 2xx and 3xx ranges. Suitable for Nuvi 370, 360, 350, 310, 300, 250, 200 Series. This durable case will help protect your Garmin GPS system and keep all your accessories in one place.

Note, this carrying case is suitable for models with a 3.5" screen size.
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€ 8.61 (incl. VAT)