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32GB Silicon Power Jewel J06 Compact USB3.0 Flash Drive Deep Blue by Silicon Power

32GB Silicon Power Jewel J06 Compact USB3.0 Flash Drive Deep Blue Image

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Key Features

  • Water, vibration, and dust proof
  • USB3.0 and backwards compatibility with USB2.0
  • Recovers lost files with Data Rescue Software
  • Backs up important information through a free SP Widget download
  • Attaches to a key ring or chain easily via keyhole
  • Includes lifetime manufacturers warranty
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  • 32GB
  • 64GB


Silicon Power Jewel J06 is a coin-sized flash drive with up to 32GB of storage. The USB3.0 drive can be placed on a key ring or chain for easy accessibility and is small enough to fit in a laptop or car USB drive without protruding. Since Silicon Power Jewel J06 sits flush in USB drives, it doesn't fall out or get lost easily. This feature is ideal for anyone that travels or has a hard time keeping up with flash drives.  With its compact size and high-density plastic case, Silicon Power Jewel J06 is water, vibration, and dust proof.  Files remain secured with protection from the elements along with two free software downloads. Silicon Power Jewel J06 comes with SP Widget and Data Rescue Software for backing up and recovering lost files. Overall, file protection features and compact design make Silicon Power Jewel J06 a fantastic flash drive.

FEATURES Free SP Widget Download
Free Data Rescue Software Download
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP
Mac OS 10.3.x
Linux 2.6.x
DIMENSIONS 24 x 16 x 8.5 mm
WEIGHT 3.6 g
WARRANTY Lifetime manufacturers warranty
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$ 9.25